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Why are silk flowers a better choice for the planet?

We don’t claim that silk flowers are perfect, but they are much less damaging to the environment than fresh-cut flowers. They demand less water, no pesticides, and cause substantially fewer carbon emissions. About 85 times less, to be specific. And most importantly, they last much, much longer (and by that we mean: they outlast most relationships. That much longer). And our rental model is circular, of course!

Do they look like real flowers?

We are perfectionists, so we only select the best flowers available on the market. Many of our flowers even have a real-touch layer, which means they even feel real.

Can I order a bouquet without a vase?

Absolutely. We recommend ordering a bouquet including its matching vase, because our master florist carefully designs each object with a particular vase in mind. That said, of course, you can order the bouquet without vase if you'd like to match it with your own vase.

How do bouquet rentals work?

It's easy! 3 quick steps et voilà:

  1. Choose & order your bouquetSelect and order your favorite bouquet - with or without matching vase. Once you've placed your order, our master florist gets to work. Need advice on what would look best in your interior? Email us a photo at hello@bloomandwolf.com and we'll think along!

  2. Enjoy your bloomsThe pre-arranged bouquet is delivered to your home. You pay a fixed amount per month and can keep the flowers as long as you want. Enjoy!

  3. Swap your bouquet for a new oneReady for a new look? Choose a new bouquet and we'll create and deliver it for €17.50. Going forward, you'll pay your new bouquet's monthly price. Please note that rentals are currently available in North Holland (excl. Texel), South Holland, Utrecht, and West Brabant. One-off purchases are available in all of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

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Crafted not grown
Everlasting beauty

Gorgeous floral design objects that last forever, created by our master florists.

Full service

Impeccable delivery, worry-free swap service, and free styling advice for a wow-worthy space.


Our circular model produces 85x less CO2 emissions compared to fresh flowers.