We reshape
flower experience.

Our Mission
11 Juni2024
Art. No 1

FIG. 1

Our floral objects

We love flowers more than anything. We love their shapes, colors, and their scents brighten our days. But the feeling we get when we have to toss them out after only a week or so, has been bothering us for a while now. They're grown to be thrown (away).

It’s our mission to do this differently. To bring the ‘wow’ to every part of the flower experience. So, no more dirty vases to wash, no smelly and slimy flowers to get rid of. Instead, we create silk floral design objects that will lift up your interior like an absolute masterpiece would, every f*cking day. And offer them with outstanding service.

FIG. 2

Our floral sculptures

The Gallaccio

Flowers are our wild, untamed muses. That’s why we keep them untouched and where they belong. Crafted, not grown.
Gwen van de Pas

FIG. 3

Our floral sculptures

The Harrison

Our inspiration

The history of Bloom & Wolf goes back to the Dutch Golden Age, a time when Dutch flowers were taking over the world. Rachel Ruysch lived in that time and made lifelike, whimsical floral paintings that often combined flowers that could never bloom in the same season. In honor of Rachel Ruysch, all our bouquets are named after powerful female painters that left their marks throughout history.

Rachel kicked ass: she sold her paintings for three times the price as Rembrandt’s did and she was the first woman elected to the Dutch master painters guild (1699) and Royal Dutch Art Academy (1719). Besides all that, she had 10 children and worked until she was 84 years old. Oh - and she lived on the Bloemgracht (Bloom Canal) and the Wolvenstraat (Wolf Street). Bloom & Wolf. See what we did there?

Stilleven met bloemen op een marmeren tafelblad, Rachel Ruysch, 1716

FIG. 4

Still Life with Flowers


Text Gwen van de Pas

Photography David in den Bosch