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Bloom & Wolf for Business adds color and atmosphere to your business space, without the hassle, high cost, and climate impact of real flowers. Our silk flowers are of the highest quality; they even feel real and smell wonderful. Starting at €18 per month.

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How our
membership works

Membership size

Choose the size of the bouquets that
should be included in your membership: Petit, Classic or Masterpiece.

Swap frequency

Choose how often you want to swap your bouquet: every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Payment plan

Choose your flexible payment plan: monthly, quarterly or semiannually.

85x less CO2 emission than a fresh flower

4x less expensive than a fresh flower membership

Always including designer vase and delivery service.

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Be fully carefree with our membership that can
be automated, adjusted or canceled anytime

Delivered, installed and swapped by our own delivery team. Need style advice? We’re on it

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and invoices in one place.

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Enjoy our services
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Custom sculptures

You are planning an installation, exhibition or event where our floral objects can add the extra touch or be the centrepiece?

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Event rental

Renting our florals for just one event? We eliminate all logistical hassle by handling delivery, pick-up, and arrangement for you.

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Corporate gifting

Our floral gifts are a sustainable and thoughtful way to surprise your customers and employees. Tailored gifting is possible.

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Employee programs

Want to provide your employees the opportunity to have Bloom & Wolf florals at home at a discounted rate? We offer custom employee programs.

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How do business memberships work?

It’s easy! Three quick steps and voilá:

Select a membership: Miniature, Classic, or Masterpiece. Depending on your style and space.

Choose how often you’d like to swap your bouquet: every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Select the bouquet you wish to start your membership with.

From here we take care of the rest. We offer a free white glove service to deliver and set up the bouquet in your business. Together we will find the best spot and make sure the arrangement looks perfect.

We will happily choose your next bouquet for you, unless you'd like to choose yourself (then just email us at We will deliver at a time of your convenience. During the swap we will take the old bouquet back with us, so no hassle with packages or couriers.

What business memberships do you offer?

Our business memberships offer 3 bouquet sizes: Petit, Classic, and Masterpiece. Each membership comes with various flower arrangements to choose from - our collections will grow as we will add new bouquets every season. The exact dimensions of each bouquet are different, but as a rule of thumb:

Petit (small)
The ideal addition to give your smaller spaces some extra atmosphere. Perfect for small dinner tables, sitting areas, desks, and washrooms.

Classic (medium/large)
Guaranteed to make an impact, these bouquets will become the focal point of any reception desk, concierge table, central seating room, or meeting space.

Masterpiece (Extra Large)
These awe-inspiring arrangements add a dose of atmosphere and character to a large reception desk, welcome room, hall, or boardroom.

Can I switch between business memberships?

Yes - you’re in charge. You can size up or down at any point.

If you'd like to change your membership type, just send us a note at and we'll take care of it for you.

Can I choose which bouquet I will receive next?

Definitely! Most businesses prefer us to do the choosing (zero hassle for you!), but if you'd like to choose your next bouquet yourself, just email us at and we'll take care of it.