Our business memberships

Bloom & Wolf for Business adds color and atmosphere to your business space, without the hassle, high cost, and climate impact of real flowers. Our silk flowers are of the highest quality; they even feel real and smell wonderful.

How it works

  • Choose a membership: Miniature (S), Classic (M), Grand (L), and Masterpiece (XL). Your membership entitles you to all bouquets within this collection.

  • Swap your bouquet every 1, 2, or 3 months for another bouquet within the same collection. You can choose your bouquets yourself, or we choose for you.

  • Pay quarterly or semiannually. After the first payment term, your membership can be canceled every month.

  • Cancel easily via your own customer portal.

  • Get as many subscriptions and as many bouquets as you need. Receive a bundle discount when you purchase multiple bouquets.

Why Bloom & Wolf?

  • Carefree: Gorgeous bouquets including designer vase, delivered and installed by our stylist.

  • Better for the planet: 85x less CO2 emissions than a fresh flower subscription.

  • Lower cost: 4x less expensive than fresh flowers.

  • Less hassle with flowers: no more throwing out flowers or cleaning vases.

  • Less hassle with administration: clear invoicing, always available online.

B-204-A The Belanger A Sfeer


B-005-A The Tanning Sfeer


From15 per month

Our Miniature Membership offers a range of charming bouquets. The ideal addition to give your smaller spaces some extra atmosphere. Perfect for small dinner tables, sitting areas, desks, and washrooms.

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B-107-A The Morisot A Sfeer


From36 per month

Our Classic Membership offers a range of elegant bouquets that make an instant impact. The perfect pick-me-up for spaces like a small reception desk, meeting space, central lunch table, or waiting room.

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B-205-A The Kohlmann A Sfeer


From45 per month

Our Statement Membership offers a range of abundant bouquets. Guaranteed to make an impact, these bouquets will become the focal point of any reception desk, concierge table, central seating room, or meeting space.

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B-304-A The Gonzalez A Sfeer


From52 per month

Our Masterpiece Membership offers a range of lavish bouquets. These awe-inspiring arrangements add a dose of atmosphere and character to a large reception desk, welcome room, hall, or boardroom.

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