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Our story

We reshape the flower experience

Great flowers have the power to transform your home into a wow-worthy space. We bring the wow to every part of that experience.

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Our inspiration:
Rachel Ruysch - power woman of the Golden Age

The history of Bloom & Wolf goes back to the Dutch Golden Age, a time when Dutch flowers were taking over the world. Rachel Ruysch lived in that time and made lifelike, whimsical floral paintings that often combined flowers that could never bloom in the same season. 

Rachel kicked ass: she sold her paintings for three times the price as Rembrandt’s did and she was the first woman elected to the Dutch master painters guild (1699) and Royal Dutch Art Academy (1719). Besides all that, she had 10 children and worked until she was 84 years old. Oh - and she lived on the Bloemgracht (Bloom Canal) and the Wolvenstraat (Wolf Street). Bloom & Wolf. See what we did there?

In honor of Rachel Ruysch, all our bouquets are named after powerful female painters that left their marks throughout history.

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Our ambition

We want to lead the next Golden age: the age of faux flowers. We can see that frown. ‘Fake flowers?’. Yes, faux flowers as we like to call them. The benefits are endless. No more dirty vases to wash, no smelly and slimy flowers to get rid of. And more importantly, beautiful flowers - every f*cking day.
Also, the longevity of faux flowers (they outlast most relationships) makes them a far more sustainable option than their real counterparts. Now let’s admit, real flowers are a kind of faux pas, right? 

Our addiction

We’re obsessed with delivering outstanding service. We only select the highest quality faux flowers, it’s hard to distinguish them from real ones. Many of them even have a ‘real touch’ seal. Furthermore, we always offer a white glove delivery & pickup service. Someone from our team will deliver and set up the bouquet for you in your home. For returns that means no hassle with packages or couriers. Now that’s a wow-worthy flower experience.

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