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B-110-A The O’Keeffe A HoofdB-110-B The O’Keeffe BB-110-A The O’Keeffe A sfeerB-110-A The O’Keeffe A modelB-110-B The O’Keeffe B detail
B-110-A The O’Keeffe A HoofdB-110-B The O’Keeffe BB-110-A The O’Keeffe A sfeerB-110-A The O’Keeffe A modelB-110-B The O’Keeffe B detailB-110-A The O’Keeffe A Hoofd

The O'Keeffe

Channel your inner master florist with The O'Keeffe. The varying sizes of the different flowers, a mix of anemone, rose, and striking ranunculus, show silk temperament and uniqueness. This bouquet radiates the female empowerment we know from the flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.

  • 85 times less CO₂ emissions than fresh flowers.
  • No need for pesticides.
  • Our rental model is circular.
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B-110-A The O’Keeffe A HoofdB-110-B The O’Keeffe B
Information & Care
  • Care: no water, keep out of direct sunlight and dust it once every so often with a feather duster or hairdryer at the lowest temperature - the latter is taken care of for our members.
  • Flowers in this bouquet: rose, ranunculus, anemone, berry, giroflee.
  • Placement: Ideal for your dining table, kitchen counter, a console, or wherever it fits your style.
  • Vase: including Gusta vase. We handpick our vases to ensure they complement each bouquet perfectly.
Delivery & Returns

Free delivery. We offer a white glove service that sets up the bouquet in your home.

Underwhelmed? We’re happy to swap the bouquet for a different one free of charge. If the new bouquet is cheaper or more expensive than the original one, we will adjust your payment accordingly.

How do I rent a bouquet?
  • Choose your bouquet, fill in your details, and pay for the first month right away.

  • Delivery is always within a week; you choose your own delivery day.

  • Your rental period starts on the date the bouquet is delivered. From that moment, the amount is automatically deducted from your account.

  • You can keep your bouquet as long as you’d like.

  • Do you want to swap your bouquet for a new one? Just go to this link and we’ll make it happen. We’ll also email you regularly to check in and see if you’re ready for a new look. 

  • We'll then come by to swap your bouquet whenever it suits you. The one-time fee for creating and delivering your new bouquet is €17.50. We’ll take the old bouquet with us when we come by,

  • We’ll adjust your monthly fee based on your new bouquet, which will continue to be automatically deducted.

How do I swap a bouquet?

You can easily swap your rental bouquet for a one-time fee of €17.50. We'll deliver your new bouquet on a day that suits you and will take your old bouquet with us. This way, you can easily update your interior whenever you feel like it.

We'll send you a reminder every once in a while to check if you're still happy with your bouquet, and inspire you with new, seasonal, looks. You can initiate your swap through that email or, if you'd like to swap at a different time, you can always go to our swap page.

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