Bring the joy of spring indoors with our Spring collection. These bouquets, bursting with soft flowers, tulips, and the freshness of spring blossoms, are like a happy hour for your senses. Time for new beginnings!

B-005-A The Tanning SfeerB-005-A The Tanning A hoofdB-005-B The Tanning BB-005-A The Tanning A modelB-005-B The Tanning B detail

The Tanning

Rent per month15Buy99
B-107-A The Morisot A SfeerB-107-A The Morisot A hoofdB-107-B The Morisot BB-107-A The Morisot A modelB-107-B The Morisot B detail02

The Morisot

Rent per month33Buy259
B-101-A The Fini A SfeerB-101-A The Fini A HoofdB-101-B The Fini BB-101-A The Fini A modelB-101-B The Fini B detail

The Fini

Rent per month23Buy199
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