Autumn collection

Splash into fall with the flowers from our autumn collection. Including sunflowers, yellow berries, orange cosmos, kangaroo paws, ranunculus, and zinnias. Do those flower names sound overwhelming? We can imagine. In that case, let yourself be guided by a feeling of bohemian, lushness, and Indian Summer. And colors like fiery orange, various peach tones, and rusty red shades.

B-005-A The Tanning SfeerB-005-A The Tanning A hoofdB-005-B The Tanning BB-005-A The Tanning A modelB-005-B The Tanning B detail

The Tanning

Rent per month15Buy99
B-107-A The Morisot A SfeerB-107-A The Morisot A hoofdB-107-B The Morisot BB-107-A The Morisot A modelB-107-B The Morisot B detail02

The Morisot

Rent per month33Buy259
B-101-A The Fini A SfeerB-101-A The Fini A HoofdB-101-B The Fini BB-101-A The Fini A modelB-101-B The Fini B detail

The Fini

Rent per month23Buy199
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