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Get ready to 'wow' with our Modern collection. With just one or two hues of flowers and sleek vases, these arrangements are like the Little Black Dress of home décor. You know you need one.

B-102-A The Peeters A HoofdB-102-B The Peeters BB-102-A The Peeters A SfeerB-102-B The Peeters B modelB-102-B The Peeters B detail

The Peeters

Rent23/Buy 199
B-107-A The Morisot A hoofdB-107-B The Morisot BB-107-A The Morisot A SfeerB-107-A The Morisot A modelB-107-B The Morisot B detail02

The Morisot

Rent33/Buy 259
B-006-A The Frey A hoofdB-006-B The Frey BB-006-A The Frey A sfeerB-006-A The Frey A modelB-006-B The Frey B detail

The Frey

Rent15/Buy 109
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